What we do

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'Seoyoung' History

'Seoyoung' have established Sept. 1988 and since then, we’ve supplied various products to many domestic sports arenas, gymnasiums, and a variety of sports facilities by our customers’ favor.

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We have supplied our products

We also have supplied our products to the domestic sports arena, gymnasium, and a variety of sports facilities.

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We have Produced rubber mounts

‘Seoyoung’ have produced rubber mounts and all sort of vibration absorbers which support the efficient and systematic training of athletes and prevent any injury.

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Business result

2011 - 03Olympic Park handball stadium Vibration isolation rubber AFM-60 2,465
2009 - 10Buan gym Vibration isolation rubber AFM-60 5,412
2004/2005Olympic Gymnastics gymnasium,Olympic Fencing Stadium Vibration isolation rubber AFM-100 1,250
2013 - 07Muju gym Safely Wall Rubber Panel SR-shape 212
2013 - 09Suncheon Palma gym Safely Wall Rubber Panel S-shape 339
2006 - 08Suwon Ohyeon Elementary School Vibration isolation PAD 60×70×10T 30,000
2013 - 06Gumi rehabilitation center for the disabled Vibration isolation rubber D/E 6,800
Plastic Wedges 13,600
2008 - 07Yeouido KBS open hall R/L PAD 4.8T 38
R/L PAD 3.2T 147
2004 - 10Seongnam culture and art center 60×20T 6,310
2006 - 10Korea National Sport University Super PAD 300 ×300 ×25T 150
2013 - 07Daegu Metropolitan City Hall Super PAD 300 ×300 ×25T 180
2003 - 09Yong In University Anti Vibration Spring SFM 1,864
2010 - 09Busan Samsung SDI Rubber hangers RSH-100 1,000
Rubber hangers RSH-150 1,000
Rubber hangers RSH-300 100
2014 - 03Samsung semiconductor Spring hangers SH-100 1,000
2013/2014Samsung semiconductor Rubber hangers RH_-B 332
Rubber hangers RH-AB 3,089